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Meaningful Moments

Why Dewdrop? Being a Floridian and a runner, I have a great appreciation for the outdoors. The glistening of the dewdrops soon after the sun rises catches my attention, recognizing how beautiful they are yet how brief they last . Perfect beautiful individual droplets, that quickly dissipate with the slightest touch or change in temperature. The moments with the dewdrops are so brief they are missed. Isn't this like life? In our haste to get through each day, hurrying from place to place, rushing through the bad parts and overlooking the mundane, we miss out on precious and potentially meaningful moments. Let's work together to learn to slow down and experience the dewdrops we're given every day.

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Gwendolyn Green, LMHC MCAP

Hello and welcome! I am a licensed mental health counselor experienced as a counselor, continuing education director, and nonprofit executive director. My work has led to a niche for people facing significant changes such as with careers, retirement, empty nest, becoming a parent, marriage, divorce, and grief. I use an integrated approach, supporting people as they face life's changes, challenges, and growth.

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Everyone is capable of change and deserves autonomy, respect, and dignity. It is my job to learn about your individuality and learn what works and doesn't work. My passion for learning and listening includes sensitivity to the uniqueness of each person's history, culture, beliefs, and desires.

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