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Burnout Management

A Friendly Face and a Path Forward

At Dewdrop Counseling, I combine burnout management and telehealth therapy to create a comprehensive approach to counseling, which delves further into underlying issues than only addressing individual symptoms or points of distress.


With this holistic perspective, I guide clients toward developing a clear understanding of their feelings and motivations. I create an environment that empowers you to make the changes necessary to move through burnout, talk and process through tough conversations and hard choices, and cultivate healthy relationships while clarifying your values and enriching your life.

Counseling is one of the best things you can do for yourself, even if you don't think you need it. It can give you the confidence to approach life’s challenges with strength, clarity and an open heart. A common misconception about counseling is that you only need to see one when you are having specific mental health issues, but the reality is everyone on planet earth could benefit in some way from counseling.

My approach is to look at the bigger picture in order to help affect change in a meaningful way, because we can often get sidetracked by the little problems and miss chances to solve the larger issues.

I can help you gain insight into your current state of being and identify new paths that will lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

My goal is to provide safe space, validation, and unconditional positive regard so that you feel comfortable enough to explore your inner self without shame or judgement. I strive to create an atmosphere of trust and foster a genuine connection with my clients so that they can work towards their goals and reach the level of well-being they desire.

Together, we will explore your challenges and develop an action plan to make meaningful progress. I am committed to helping you create the life you want for yourself.

Whether through in-person or virtual sessions, working together with Dewdrop Counseling provides you with the support you need to uncover the whole picture.

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