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A Reflection on the Past Year

This month marks 1 year since Dewdrop Therapy has been my full time work. Many of you know the story of how I came to do this work, how long I've been practicing, and why the topics of burnout and coping with change and life transitions are important to me, but you may not have known how recent this transition was.

I expected the year to be full of challenge and ups and downs and just so many bumps. I was terrified that the people I thought I'd do well with wouldn't be the same ones who saw themselves being successful with me. Sure, there have been challenges, but I have loved nothing more than logging on every day to see what stories I'll hear and what creative solutions I can help find. I'm surprised daily by the bonds I've been able to form. I am moved every day by the things you're willing to share with me and I find strength in witnessing you find and use your own strength.

I cannot thank you enough for trusting me with your stories and believing I may be able to help. This is such a cliché but it's true: I have learned so much from you and you've truly touched my life more than I can tell you. You let me take a minute to think of things to say and are patient when I ask questions you've already answered and say things that make no sense. I endlessly come up with the most irrelevant analogies and think of the most immature movies to relate to your very real life. I talk way too much sometimes just hoping eventually I'll say something that you actually find helpful. I don't know how to turn off the setting on the computer that turns my hand movements into emojis, repeatedly giving you thumbs up or shooting lasers at the most inappropriate times. But you keep coming back and still seem to trust me. And I cannot thank you enough for giving me those chances and for your trust.

Moving into this next year, both in terms of Dewdrop Counseling's 2nd year and 2024, I will do more of the same. I'll keep reading and studying and sharing with you what I've learned. I'll probably still make jokes that aren't funny. And I'll still try my best to find what works for you and stand by to support you while you work things out. I'll continue working to achieve balance between listening and witnessing and guiding. I'm very excited to announce that as of last month I offer in-person sessions at my new office in Wesley Chapel. I will also start reading a book a month on a topic that seems to be trending, so you can read along if you like and we can talk about what we're learning together. I'll be sure to share frequent posts about the books too. I'm extremely excited about the future, and I have you to thank for that.



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