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An opportunity for change

Sure, here in Florida the change from summer to fall is just a day on the calendar. "Crisp in the fall" isn't really something that happens. But it's still time for the memes about everything pumpkin spice and spiced apple, fashion changes, football, and getting ready for Spooky Season. It's all about finding reasons to get excited and anticipation of what's to come.

What if we remove the last part of this beautiful quote and just leave it as, "Life starts all over again"? Every day, no, every moment we have the opportunity to start over. We constantly get a new opportunity. To reinvent. To try again.

Go outside and take a nice deep breath of that fresh crisp air. Just kidding, don't do that it's way too hot. Sit someplace where it's comfortable and take a nice deep breath. Think about all the chances to start fresh. Hold on to what you want, let go of the rest. Just like us Floridians can convince ourselves it's sweater weather, you can convince yourself of the change you're capable of making, and every moment brings a new opportunity.

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