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Don't Forget to Play: The Importance of Play in Adult Friendships

The Atlantic printed a brilliant article today about adult friendships, entitled, "What Adults Forget about Friendship", written by Rhaina Cohen.

The article describes how play in childhood and college years turns into “catching up” here and there as we grow older and focus on family and careers. With friends we share tidbits of our present lives, leaning on each other for support, and we reminisce on past fun more than we create new fun memories.

Adulting seems to bring the expectation of structure and predictability in social situations, but creativity and improvisational fun enriches our lives in unexpected ways and can not only strengthen the friendship, but help maintain an optimistic outlook which is essential for our mental wellbeing as we age.

So what can you do with this information? Go on an impromtu day trip? Take a friend to ride an e-scooter? Host a game night or Netflix-roulette?

The options and outcomes are endless. And worst-case scenario, if your idea crashes and burns it will at least make for a great story.

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