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Waiting on the "Right Moment"

Feeling burned out? Stressed about work or relationships or personal goals? Very often we know something isn't right and believe our own excuses for why we aren't working towards improving those things. We know what our goals are and we can envision our success. How great it will feel once we've gotten it right. But we feel blocked from getting started. The "Right Moment" isn't coming. Don't wait until tomorrow or next month or after this project or when you're less tired. Start NOW.

Make changes with your relationships with friends, partners, or family. Start drinking more water or less alcohol. Get control of your inbox or have that tough conversation with your boss or write your resignation letter. Sign up for that 5k or marathon or gym membership.

It's easy to say, "When I feel better I'll start making changes". But what if the reverse were true: "When I start making changes I'll feel better". There's no better time than now to take the power and create the life you crave.

If you wait for the "right moment" you'll be waiting forever. Start working towards your goals NOW. We offer specialized therapy in Florida over teletherapy for people experiencing burnout, life stress, and general anxiety.

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